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TOKIWA co.,ltd

Feel free to contact us whenever there is a need of industrial items.Tel:+81-(0)92-451-0121

TOKIWA CO .,LTD is a General Trading Company, whose core business is Industrial Products for factories & plants.


About Us

Over the 93 years since our company was founded in 1921, we have sold "industrial products indispensable for craftsmanship" here in Japan.
We deal in a wide range of essential products for manufacturing plants, including hoses and all types of hose fittings, drive belts, conveyor belts,
chains, pulleys, sprockets, finished goods and molded goods made from rubber or plastic, sheets, seal materials, gaskets, filters, bearings, machinery, and tools.



[ What we want to achieve ]
We want to become a bridge between Japan and the world. And contribute to the development of countries and companies.


[ The figure we want to become ]
Transmit Japanese products in the world, we propose to get satisfaction from our customers.


[ The figure we should be ]
Provide better products to our customers with our high quality service.

Global network

Provide our products speedy and safely to the customers around the world.

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